status as of March 6, 2015

No growth thus far in the three candidates. The diluted formula seems weak. We need to go ahead with undiluted version because two people outside the trial have gained 2 and 4 cm respectively on undiluted. Now I have asked them to take doses every 15 minutes and 5000 mg calcium daily to create record growth. FROM THIS BLOG, Manish, Ki, Kas, and a new guy from Poland; Kris will begin taking the Red alcoholic formula which is the purest undiluted form. Kris will also provide before and after photos / videos.





Date of start




167.5 cm

March 6




166.5 cm

March …..




158 cm

March …..




171 cm

March …..

Red Trial Chart 2015
Name Age Country Height Date of start Month 1 2 3 Grand total
1. Khan 28 UK 168.5 cm Feb 14
2. Doc 27 USA 174.6 cm Feb 18
3. Henry 23 Singapore 175 cm Feb 14
4. Mamun 26 Saudi Arabia 167.6 cm Feb 7
5. MD 27 India 164 cm Feb 5
6. Kas 26 Australia 171 cm Feb 21
7. Rahul 26 India 171 cm Feb 2 No growth
8. Manish 29 India 167.5 cm Jan 31 No growth
9 JG 25 USA 162 cm Feb 14
10 Veera 19 India 163 cm Feb 4 0.3 cm
11 Ghani 29 USA 165 cm Feb 13
12 Miguel 32 Czech 178 cm Feb 21
13 Apollo 35 Germany 174 cm Feb 21
14 Tan 26 USA 164 cm Feb 10
15 MS 22 Pakistan 168 cm Shipped Feb 10 by express
16 Shafiq 30 Bangladesh 160 cm Feb 20
17 Mark 29 Canada 169 cm received, will begin soon
18 Shawn 21 Singapore 162 cm Feb 23
19 Prod 33 Cyprus 170 cm Feb 12
20 Chris 18 USA 167.7 Feb 13
21 Elea 39 Germany 165 cm Feb 16
22 Marshall 25 USA 163 cm shipped Feb 26
Convert height in cm to feet here

About the Red Monster formula

Red is made of three parts – 1. Bone dissolver. 2. Bone remodelling. 3. Endocrine stimulation.

In this Red Monster formula, I induce a temporary dismantling of old bone cells called osteocytes (makes about 90% of all skeleton) using certain bacteria-derived ingredients and then tweak the osteoblasts / osteoclasts to force total bone growth by bone remodeling. This is combined with GH, IGF-1, testosterone, pineal gland, liver stimulation and so on to try to induce an endocrinal state similar to puberty when the body grows fastest. Together this approach has grown a candidate 2.5 cm in just 4 days back in 2009. Another grew 2 inches at age 32 on lowered dosages Now we will use this formula at a very high dosage of every hour of the day to maximize the impact and growth.

Get 1 liter of Red Monster and take the course for three months at huge doses every 1/2 hour.


Contact Tim at to book your unit.


Let’s do this big time. Red Monster PURE in 15 ml will be sent to users and you can use it to manufacture 1000 liter of Monster yourself. All you will need is to buy a 1 liter pack of pure water.


All the old timers and newcomers are welcome to participate.


Trial chart will be prepared here and trial will last for 3 months at a minimum and go until everyone has their goal height. Users can supply before and after photos per wish but I would expect them to post their results in the discussion board for the official record.


Monster is the only concept that has produced significant results. All other concepts failed subsequently for 5 years and non one has time or patience to waste any more time. Monster was made in two parts – Red and Blue. Red was endo stimulator and osteoblast/osteoclast tweaker similar to a primitive formula called ‘Monthly’ which grew many people for some time but was dropped as it was not sustainably strong. Blue is the cartilage growth formula. It was Red which gave most effect and not Blue which didn’t work at all in any case when taken alone. That leads me to think that bones can grow directly without taking any dedicated cartilage formula.


We will be taking the Red Monster every hour of the day in high dosages but that will require huge amount of liquid to be shipped. What I will do is supply Red Monster concentrate which will be mixed in 1 liter water and you will have a 1000 ml supply from which you can take the course for around three months without interruption and get the strongest effect possible to grow to your goal height.

Genuine testimony

A valid testimony is the one which is posted in the discussion board with the user’s IP number to validate the location and authenticity and then from that I will fill up the trial chart results.


This site and its services and Adult Height Increase product, including the information given in this blog and sister blogs, are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical or health advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. The statements and claims made at this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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