News: July 27, 2014

No headway or breakthrough attained by the 5-formula method below after testing it long enough.

Now I have combined five most successful height increasing formulas and four additional formulas along with a catalyst formula (Focus) to try to create height growth using the “brute force” approach. Three people already report some growth and this will be trialed extensively as it becomes available to users.

Focus catalyst


9 formula combination

The 9 formulas and their best results -

1. Super Monster - Grew 1 cm in 10 days
2. Monster - 2.5 cm in 7 days
3. C Blue - 1 cm in 28 days
4. Monthly - 1 cm in one week
5. P - 2 cm in one month
6. Red Monster - GH, testosterone stimulation
7. Muscle builder
8. Zinc and trace minerals
9. Anti-aging - better physiological functions, better skin, hair, nails, eyes.

Focus: This is the catalyst formula to be taken along with the 9 formula combo.

The program goes like this:

Focus and 9 formulas: 3 drops each Mornings, Evenings, and Bedtimes daily.

May 15, 2014

Day 1,2,3:   Formula 1 is taken.
Day 4.5.6:  Focus
Day 7.8:     C1 meant for circulation
Day 9,10:    C2 for circulation
Day 11 to 40:  Formula 2 to grow height is taken for 1 month.  Date of start is given below.
RKR gained 0.4 cm in Feb 2014 and 1.6 cm in Jan 2014 taking his total to 2 cm.  Growth rate is down tremendously because we didn't use formula 2 to test out Focus and 1 standalone.  Read about his growth  here  TRIAL 2014
Congrats to RKR on his good growth. Now he is on formula 2 plan above.
Mike 31M Czech R. May 24
Jon 23M Poland April 26
MD 26M India May 23
Shaant 23M India April 17
RKR 30M India April 19
Dipti 32M India May 4
Manish 28M India April 16
John 22M UK May 14
Kasandar 25M Australia May 4
Franz 25M Slovenia
Michael 26M Germany
SB 39M Germany
Peter 33M Germany May 15
Shane 41M UK May 14
Alex 26M Greece May 25
TNT 25M USA May 4
Jeremy 26M USA May 9
June 26M South Korea
Vijith 29M UAE May 6
Jayson 26M Canada
Partogi 24M Indonesia

Genuine testimony

A valid testimony is the one which is posted in the discussion board with the user’s IP number to validate the location and authenticity and then from that I will fill up the trial chart for all 20 weeks.


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