April 5, 2014

In Jan we had some problems with Formula 2, now fixed and we are supplying up to 1000 times stronger versions.   It is a four week program:
Week 1:  Five days of Formula 1 - 2 days of Focus
Week 2-4:  Formula 2.  Height growing period.
RKR gained 0.4 cm in Feb 2014 and 1.6 cm in Jan 2014 taking his total to 2 cm.  Growth rate is down tremendously because we didn't use formula 2 to test out Focus and 1 standalone.  Read about his growth  here FOCUS --> FORMULA 1-2 TRIAL 2014
Congrats to RKR on his good growth.  Hope he creates a record growth in March 2014
Mike 31M Czech R. March 27 Nil
Jon 23M Europe April 4  ?
MD 26M India March 23, 2014
John 22M UK March 23, 2014
Kasandar 25M Australia March 26, 2014
Franz 25M Slovenia March 25, 2014
Michael 26M Germany
Shane 41M UK March 29
Alex 26M Greece March 17, 2014 Nil
TNT 25M USA Shipped 2 mm
June 26M South Korea Shipped
Manish 28M India March 10, 2014 Nil
Chuwan 24M Phillipines ? MM
Dipti 32M India March 11, 2014
Vijith 29M UAE
Jayson 26M Canada
Peter 33M Germany March 24 Nil
Shaant 23M India March 16, 2014 3 mm
RKR 30M India March 17, 2014 1.4 to 1.6 cm 0.4 cm Total  2 cm
Partogi 24M Indonesia March 28

Nov 12, 2013

Fixed some bad side effects
Low blood pressure
Very high pulse rate
Lower leg fatigue
Final formula produces perpetual high energy state.  Dosage has been reduced to both the formulas taken once a day.  Unfixed formula produced 5 mm growth in 12 days, lets expect fixed to produce faster growth rate.  Will make a chart of users here.
- The Twin Formulas -
Formula 1.  Energizing formula creating super energetic state which is required to grow.
Formula 2.  Consolidated Blue, the core height increase formula.

October 28, 2013

. . .
Finalized the dosage plan with the aim of maximizing impact.
Formula Consolidated Blue Antiaging formula
Two formulas are combined. Consolidated Blue formula is based on customization questionnaire filled up by 10 people of diverse background who have been tough to grow and combing that in to one formula.  This formula creates enormous growth factors in an attempt to attain a universal growth formula and targets hyaline cartilage in particular which is the original form of the growing bone.  In the past we saw that this formula works with zinc so we added Zincum met. This version of anti-aging formula creates a hyper-energetic state which seems essential for the body to grow as all our record growers in the past grew in hyper-energetic state only.  Anti-aging formula basically reverses the age-related cellular damage and takes the cells to their prior state which means bones can return to their growing stage when we overdose on this formula which will help in creating growth in adults. 

Updated Oct 21, 2013

What’s next ?

Consolidated Blue + Focus in a hyper-energetic body state.

Height seems to increase only in a very high energy state. All our record growers experienced this and those who didn’t never grow or very minor. So will now create a perpetual hyper-energetic state through the course.

Consolidated Blue: Cartilage growth formula based on customization form of 10 diverse type of people around the world.

Focus: Formula which made Alex grow when taken along with Consolidated Blue.

Remember the customized form which we asked users to fill up and then we prepared their customized formula in one version and combined customized forms of 10 people around the world from different backgrounds to create a consolidated formula which might grow everyone.


In July 2012 we had 32 people who tested this out of which ONLY Alex from Greece grew who used Consolidated Blue (based on 10 people forms). We were disappointed since this was supposed to be most precise formula personalized per individual. What I found out is that Alex also took a formula called FOCUS for two days before starting which is meant to increase attention span for students and workers. After Focus, Alex took C blue for 30 days straight and grew 1 cm. He also felt very energetic and focused through the course unlike others. So there is something in Focus which made C Blue work. The ingredient most likely could be Zinc which is contained in Focus. Zinc supports growth and according to homeopathic literature Zinc helps when 'tissues are destroyed faster than they are replaced.' So this mightbe the missing factor. Apart from this, Focus contains a remedy called Conium which is meant to increase attention span, not likely a factor in height increase but who knows some abstract link. Therefore we have incorporated two formulas in the regime.


One common fact of all the people who have grown over 1 cm is that they ALWAYS felt hyper energetic and charged up mentally when on any formula. If we are able to generate
same state in everyone, all will grow. The lady 38 who grew 2 cm in just 12 days reported very high energy levels back in 2005 on the original Monthly formula. TH reported highest energy levels when he grew 5 cm in a month in 2008. Andy reported very hyper active state when he grew 2.5 cm in 8 days. It means they reacted properly to the formula, others don't.

See this comment from Andy who grew a record 1 inch in 8 days
-- "The side effects were pretty heavy as well. After taking a huge dose of red my heart rate shot up, I was super alert and focused, and I couldn’t fall asleep a couple nights. For those four days I probably only slept like 8 hours total from the combination of the stimulant effects of red and the harsh growing pains. Pretty intense stuff, it honestly seemed like I was on speed or some crazy drug. When I ran out I was honestly relieved, despite my growth, because I felt like my body needed a rest from feeling drugged out for four days."

Now I am going to integrate FOCUS formula with Consolidated Blue which should produce guaranteed growth and a very healthy growth rate. We will alter the formula to create a very high energy state and in that state everyone will grow. We learn that its a very important factor because all our record growers grew only in the high energy state and growth seems to occur in the high energy state only, just like growing kids.

Please feel free to ask any questions to my email.


Genuine testimony

A valid testimony is the one which is posted in the discussion board with the user’s IP number to validate the location and authenticity and then from that I will fill up the trial chart for all 20 weeks.


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