May 19, 2015

FIRST 20 day course for daily adult height growth formula May-June 2015
Name Age Country Total growth in 20 days
1. Veera 20 India   Started May 16
2. Manish 29 India   Started May 16
3. Rahul 27 India   Started May 20
4. Mamata 29 India   Started May 18
5. Abhinaw 25 India   Started May 16
6. Kris 28 Poland   Started May 19
7. Henry 24 Singapore    shipped
8. Doc 27 USA    shipped
9. Martin 18 Germany    shipped
10. Kas 27 Australia    shipped
The only best result we have had recently is the girl age 31 growing 8 cm in 45 days on a heavy calcium supplementation and the Red.

So now I have made RED with calcium formula built in, equivalent to 10,000 mg calcium intake per day.  It helps in superior absorption and assimilation of diatery or supplementary calcium, and is not elemental calcium.
 Trial has begun.

FOR USERS:  Measure height after 5-10 days intervals and not every day.  Measuring every day will generate stress and you will never grow on those days due to generation of stress hormone cortisol which reduces bone formation.

Use calcium carbonate 500 mg three times a day instead of milk.  I found milk very bad causing gas and stomach bloating, and indigestion.

In the Red formula, I induce a temporary dismantling of old bone cells called osteocytes (makes about 90% of the skeleton) using certain bacteria-derived ingredients and then tweak the osteoblasts / osteoclasts to force total bone growth by bone remodeling. Now contains elements from all old successful formulas. This is combined with GH, IGF-1, testosterone, pineal gland, liver stimulation to try to induce an endocrinal state similar to puberty when the body grows fastest.

About Red -
Red is made of three parts: 
1. Bone dissolver.
2. Bone remodelling.
3. Endocrine stimulation.
4. Calcium 10,000 mg.
Anti-aging formula added to Red to enhance body's regenerative capacity which is not the same at 40 like it is at 14.  This will not only gurarantee success but also boost results in terms of growth rate.  Dosage is 2 drops every 1/2 hour or every 1 hour per convenience. Anyone can join in now, contact me.



Genuine testimony

A valid testimony is the one which is posted in the discussion board with the user’s IP number to validate the location and authenticity and then from that I will fill up the trial chart results.


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