October 28, 2015

Formula 5-6 and 7 trial October 2015 has started.  Candidates will report weekly measurements in the forum and we will add their results to this chart.  All units shipped.  Tracking number is sent to your email.  Please let me know when you receive and date of start.  Dosage 15 drops every 30 minutes from wake up to bedtime.  
Candidate Date of start Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Veera 20M, India Oct 16 no growth yet
Manish 30M, India
RKR 32M, India Oct 20  + 2-3 mm
MD 28M, India
Sean 32M, Ireland
Sean 19M, New Zealand Oct 23
Dave 30M, Australia Oct 26
Fei 30M, Hong Kong Oct 24
Saad 28M, UK
Alex 25M, Greece Oct 22
Mike 33M, Czech
Anas 25M, Morocco
Chris 18M, US Oct 23
Greg 34M, US
Dennis 40M, Singapore
Xcrunner 27M, US Oct 22 No growth
Peter 35M, Germany
Kris 28M, Poland Oct 25
Truong 27M, Finland
Kas 27M, Australia Oct 21 No growth
Zinc  36M, Canada Oct 26
Abhinaw 25M, India Oct 19  + 2 mm
Shafiq 31M, Bangladesh
Tan 27M, US Oct 23
Ahmed 24M, US Oct 24
Ki, 27M, Netherlands Oct 25
Akshay 24M, India Oct 21
Christian 26M, US Oct 22
Henry 24M, Singapore Oct 26
Rahul 27M, India Oct 23
09 RalphB 19M, France Oct 24

October 1, 2015

Formula 5-6 and 7 will be tested in the blog now.

HUGELY successful results of 10.5 cm in a 45 year old lady and 8 cm in a 50 year old gentleman achieved. Additionally testing on 27 and 33 year old candidates. Please conform participation in the trial by writing to me at adultheightincrease@gmail.com

August 19, 2015 update.

Success on cartilage growth formula number 5 and 6: 1.2 CM gained lately.

Total gain: 1.5 cm. New videos on more growth. His goal is to grow 10 cm or 15 cm total to reach 175 cm or 180 cm.

BEFORE VIDEO: Veera's original height video 163.5 cm here.

VIDEO AFTER SOME GROWTH: Video made with short hair Aug 8, 2015 here

Video made on Aug 2 at 165 cm here

NEXT VIDEO AFTER USING FORMULA 7: The present formula are number 5 and 6, now I have made formula 7, that creates cartilages cells from five sources versus two sources in 5-6. His supply of 5-6 has finished so I thought to test out Formula 7 on him now that should speed up his growth rate and that helps everyone.

Veera took Formula 5-6 and grew 1.2 cm by those. Now he will test Formula 7. Formula 7 combines cartilage growth from multiple sources; subchondral bone, blood vessels, deeper bone marrow, and periosteum - endosteum per this diagram (sources in 5-6 are two, in 7 we have five sources; subchondral bone and bone marrow.) But 7 is just more advanced version of 5-6, don't think like 7 is altogether a new formula and 50 year old is taking 30 ml total of 7 per day spread over day at 1 ml per dose. Targeted area is the subchondral bone at the edge, it can grow like a growth plate; this is where the growth happens in bones by this formula.

Contact me atadultheightincrease@gmail.comto test out this formula.

We will have a 100% working adult height increase formula.

Genuine testimony

A valid testimony is the one which is posted in the discussion board with the user’s IP number to validate the location and authenticity and then from that I will fill up the trial chart results.


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