March 28, 2020 update Results are 3-4 mm in the first month so far, best gain 1 cm.   We will now accelerate the growth rate in the second month 

by dose modification in April 2020.

Trial course

First month dose plan: Folic acid 10 mg once a week. Growth plate formula daily.

Second month dose planned: Facing delay due to Corona. Growth plate formula + antiaging formula.

Contact to join the trial.

Trial chart

Name Start 1 month 2 months 3 months
Dennis 46 Singapore
Marge 18, Aus
Keith 28 Aus Mar 3
Marcin 34 Poland Feb 11 0.4 cm
Duc 31 US Feb 11 0.2 cm
James 39 US Feb 13 0.3 cm
Mike 37 Czech Feb 21 Nil
Manish 33 India Feb 9 0.1 cm
Mac 30 US Feb 23
Zinc 40 Canada
Jon 23 US Feb 10 0.3 cm
Mark 28 Ireland Mar 5
Adam 40 US
Greg 38 US Feb 24 1 cm
Rashid 32 Saudi


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