June 21, 2017 update.   Shipped to 14 people so far, more shipments pending.  Please let me know once it delivers and starting date.   Antidote and Genius are same, we take vinegar separately.  Tracking number sent to your e-mail.  Shipment to three people per day.  See instructions here.
Feel free to ask anything at Tim's email.  
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June 2017 Genius

Candidate Starting date  Growth  day 16 Growth  day 30 Present height Final height
Veera 21M, India 165 cm
Gaurav 28M, India 171 cm
RKR 32M, India 169 cm
Lars 32M, Norway 178 cm
Lim 23M, S Korea 170 cm
Roberta 22F, Italy 156 cm
Tan 28M, USA 164.5 cm
Ian 25M, Singapore 172 cm
Henry 25M, Australia 175 cm
Alam 20M, Canada 165 cm
Zed 28M, UK 165 cm
Ahmed 25M, USA 166 cm
Chris 18M, USA 170 cm
Dennis 41M, Singapore 170 cm
Xcrunner 27M, USA 174.6 cm
Abhinaw 25M, India 162 cm
Akshay 24M, India 165 cm
Prabhjyot 18M, India 156 cm
MD, 29M, India 163.5 cm
Haroon 34M, UK 167.6 cm
xxxxx 21M, xxxxx 175 cm
Fei 31M, Hong Kong 160 cm
Austin 20M, USA 170 cm
Orton 25M, Lithuania 178 cm
Kas 28M, Australia 170 cm
Mac 30M,  USA 158 cm
Micheal 34M, Czech 179 cm
Alex 29M, Greece 169 cm
Incredible 24M, UK 183 cm
Jon 20M, US 5' 7.5"
Rahul 28M, India 171 cm
Ankit  23M, India 5'3"
Jason  21 M, Canada 178.5 cm
Steve 21M, Canada 178 cm
Adam 37M, US 5'8"
Aaron 32M, US 5'5"
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